Trump on the Federal Reserve System

Debtor Nation“They’re keeping the rates down so that everything else doesn’t go down… We have a very false economy,” Donald Trump on the Federal Reserve, September 2016

When it comes to our economy, there is no issue more important than Federal Reserve reform. The Fed is the cancer which rests at the core of our economic system. They played a major role in the housing crash in 2008 and they play an even larger role in manipulating and distorting our free market system by providing false wealth and credit. Their actions have created an economy of debtors who spend their lives paying fees to bankers to support their insatiable appetite for instant gratification. They are the reason we have a massive federal deficit and they are the reason the federal government is trillions of dollars in debt. The poor get poorer and the rich get richer because of the Fed.

How the Fed accomplishes all of this is beyond the scope of this short post, but one crucial concept to keep in mind is that the Fed is also a semi-public institution. The Fed’s Board of Governors are appointed by the President and approved by the U.S. Senate, but the various lower Board of Directors of their twelve district banks are appointed by large corporate banks and other special interests within the banking industry. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is the true structure of the Federal Reserve System; it serves the special interests and not the American people.

Hillary Clinton said that a president should never question or discuss the Fed. 63% of Clinton’s funding is from large individual donations, i.e. big corporate special interests. 15% of Trump’s funding comes from large individual donations. Trump also understands the above and wants Fed transparency. Clinton is funded by the big bankers and Trump scares them to death. I’m not saying you should vote for Trump, but at least he understands the sources of our economic woes and he terrifies the special interests.

Clinton 2016 Funding

Trump 2016 Funding

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Ichabod Crane Takes Modern Banking to Task

Ichabod Crane
The real Col. Ichabod Crane
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Fox’s “Sleepy Hallow” is a creative show which has found a way to incorporate a time traveling American Founding Father who provides hysterical commentary on current American idiocies (i.e. every political science and American history scholar’s wet dream), into a plot based on Washington Irving’s classic short story “The Legend of Sleepy Hallow”. Writer’s Mark Goffman and Albert Kim brilliantly provide a critique of modern banking and monetary policy in Season 2 Episode 2, “The Kindred”.

Ichabod Crane, played by Tom Mison, goes on a rant when a bank representative tries to offer him a credit card, “It is this kind of gross invitation to indulgence that mocks the power of the invisible hand to foster the true wealth of nations.” Thomas Jefferson is also quoted in the scene as having said, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” This is most likely an authentic quote despite the often spurious forms it takes.

Regardless of Goffman and Kim’s possible intentions behind the script, let’s dissect this brilliant quote:

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